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Medical Doctors Denigrate Anomah Ngu’s AIDS Vaccine

20 July 2004 (The Post (Cameroun))

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A group of medical doctors belonging to an association called the Douala Retroviral, DARVIR, took turns to castigate Prof. Victor Anomah Ngu’s HIV Vaccine, VANHIVAX. The vaccine, which the renowned researcher presented in December 2003, was a product of 15 years of painstaking research...

April 5th, 2004 : Speaking at a seminar organised by DARVIR, to sensitise the media on how HIV/PJDS patients are taken care of, Dr. Rondorf Mbangue said there is no vaccine for HIV/ AIDS in Cameroon yet.

Dr. Mbangue, who is president of the Littoral Chapter of the National AIDS control committee, NACC, said Anomah Ngu is still struggling with a research for a vaccine. It was in this light, that Mbangue, who represented the Littoral Provincial Delegate for Health, said that the government signed a convention with Anomah Ngu.

The medics used every opportunity to throw jabs at the vaccine. When The Post asked whether it was fair to hastily dismiss Anomah Ngu’s research findings, the medics went on a full scale bashing of the Professor. The doctors were also asked if they would have reacted in a similar way if Anomah Ngu were a French, British, German or an American.

Dr. Henriette Meilo of Laquintinie Hospital, accused Prof. Anomah Ngu of "dishonestly turning a medicine he was preparing for cancer patients, into a vaccine for HIV/AIDS". Doctor Meilo said Anomah Ngu ought to have presented his HIV/AIDS vaccine to a team of experts to be examined and approved by the scientific world, before talking to the press about it. Dr. Meilo said Anomah Ngu’s vaccine was validated by journalists. She insisted that Anomah Ngu’s "so called vaccine" is ineffective against HIV/AIDS, and that the research stage.

Taking the cue, Dr. Nsangong, without naming names, alleged that even some family members of the person who claims to have discovered a vaccine for HIV/AIDS are dying from the disease, and he is unable to treat them. He regretted that many AIDS patients have abandoned anti-retroviral treatment and rushed to Anomah Ngu’s clinic in Yaounde. He claimed that such patients, after covering that Anomah Ngu’s vaccine is ineffective, return to Douala as corpses.

Dr. Madeleine Mbangue, made similar allegations. She said some of her patients have faced the bitter experience of Anomah Ngu’s "fake claims".

The most virulent attack is still supposed to be on came from Dr. Yagouba Mapoure, of the Laquintinie Hospital. He said, while he was in Yaounde carrying out research, he came across AIDS patients Anomah Ngu was administering treatment to, and who still ended up dying.

Dr. Mapoure said it is unfortunate that authorities sit and watch a man with the support of journalists send people to their graves and nothing is done because "he is a renown medical doctor in the past".

A journalist of La Nouvelle Expression, a French tabloid asked why the Cameroon Medical Council has not denounced Prof. Ngu if his research finding is not effective. In response, Dr. Ntone Ntone, co-ordinator of DARVIR, said the position of government that holds that VANHIVAX is presently ineffective, was influenced by the Medical Council.

Danger of Blood Transfusion

Meanwhile, the medical doctors revealed that blood transfusion in Cameroon goes with the risk of contracting the HIV virus. Dr. Mbangue, who talked about how diagnosis for HIV/AIDS is rightly carried out, disclosed that a laboratory test only indicates the presence of the virus in the blood, if the virus bas been in the person for at least three months. She said there is presently no equipment anywhere in Cameroon, which can diagnose the presence of the HIV virus when it is less than three months old in the blood. Dr. Mbangue and her colleagues admitted that blood transfusion in Cameroon goes with great risk of contracting the HIV/AWS virus.

They explained that this is so because the blood of a donor who has an HIV virus, which is less than three months old in it, will be declared by the laboratory result to be HIV negative, when in reality the virus is in the blood. The hospital will assume that the blood is thus dean and transfuse it into a needy patient. But the reality would be that the receiver of that blood, would be infected with the HIV virus.


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